The Reconfiguration of Religious Institutes: Conference Papers

God’s mystery is at the heart of the changing patterns of religious life today.

“To Tangle or To Tango Conference: The Reconfiguration of Religious Institutes” held in Sydney Australia in 2005 brought together members of 65 different Religious Institutes from Australia, New Zealand, Pacific, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Jamaica and USA different countries to have a conversation about the potential of various forms of reconfiguration processes to enable the vitality of both mission and community life into the future.

This book contains the 13 presentations from the Keynote Speakers at this Conference:

  • The Rise and Fall of Catholic Religious Institutes – Sr Patricia Wittberg sc
  • Faithfulness, Change and the Church – Rev Richard Lennan
  • Ten Important Things to Remember About Reconfiguration from a Canonical Perspective – Rev Francis Morrisey OMI
  • Mission Impossible: Reconfiguring 44 Separate Congregations and Over 10,000 Women – Geraldine Doogue interviews Sr Breege O’Neill rsm and Sr Marie Chin rsm
  • We Stood at the Crossroads and Looked… - Sr Lorraine Campbell sm
  • Waltz, Flamenco, Jig and Salsa: Restructuring for Vitality – the Experience of an International Congregation – Br Peter Rodney fms
  • Risk the Journey, Celebrate Hope: A Story of Union – Sr Lorelle Elcock OP
  • A Strategic Plan to Strategic Priorities to Strategic Directions – Rev Denis Travers cp
  • Becoming One: A New Creation for Mission – Aotearoa New Zealand Mercy Story
  • Reconfiguraing and the Art of Living Communion – Sr Patricia Fox rsm
  • Tangling and Tango-ing Through the Organisational Processes of Reconfiguring – Dr Maureen Cleary
  • Crossing the Rubicon – Dr Gerardine Taylor and Dr Tony Robinson


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