The Board Member Exit Interview

All Volume 8 Issue 4The Board Member Exit Interview


An exit interview is a good way to thank an outgoing board member for their contributions to the board and to get their ideas on what worked and what did not. An exit interview also helps the member have a positive closure with the board. This will make them a better ambassador for the board and organisation in the future and will add to their positive experiences as a board member.

Ideally, the exit interview should be done following the last board meeting of the member’s term and before the Annual General Meeting. The exit interview should be conducted by a board member (or two) with whom the outgoing member feels very comfortable. Offer the retiring board member the opportunity to write out their answers rather than to verbalise them. Keep in mind that the exit interview should feel more like a chat among friends and less like a formal interview, so do whatever you like to make it fun and comfortable.

“Before you leave the board, please help us to make the board and the organisation as a whole an even better place by answering the following questions. Your honest responses are greatly appreciated.”

  1. Did we use your talents effectively? If not, how can we do so with future board members?
  2. What did you enjoy about board service?
  3. What did you dislike?
  4. What is your opinion of the decision-making process utilised by the board? How can it be improved?
  5. What information should be passed onto prospective board members about the organisation and how the board works?
  6. How can the leadership of the organisation be improved?
  7. What are the skills on the board that need to be developed?
  8. Can we consult with you in the future?
  9. What issues are you most comfortable discussing about your board service?
  10. Please record any other thoughts, comments or criticisms that may help us in the future.
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