Crisis Proofing: How to Save Your Company from Disaster


Tony Jaques

Paperback, 256 pages
Published October 2016
Oxford University Press

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“The book has a brilliantly insightful chapter on the differences between issues, problems, emergencies, crisis and disasters. It is a remarkably useful text not only for practitioners but also to private and public sector CEOs and executives. Indeed, it is one of the best integrations of issues management and crisis management principles and practices I have read.”
Noel Turnbull, Adjunct Professor of Media and Communications at RMIT

Key Features:


  • Introduces and supports the game-changing new concept of crisis Proofing
  • Written in highly engaging, conversational style
  • Easy to read yet built on proven management principles
  • Sets out the role of top managers in crisis prevention and crisis response
  • Emphasises the personal nature of what needs to be done (and what not to do)
  • Produces simple, effective models to implement throughout the organisation
  • Develops practical processes for achieving success.
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